We have kept all the things you love about Lumen-C in our new and improved formula and then gone added even more to love!This...


VitaBoost is a warrior for the skin with a carefully blended potent cocktail of Niacinamide, cosmeceutical grade Australian botanicals and advanced plant extracted actives...


This gentle, yet powerful, anti-ageing serum uses pharmaceutical-grade liposomes to deliver advanced Vitamin A technology, in the form of Retinaldehyde. Along with a cocktail...

Eye Radiance - Firming and Illuminating Complex

This multi-faceted, innovative eye serum has been specially formulated to combat all major eye concerns. Packed with cutting edge peptides, humectants and super antioxidants...


A potent concentration of Vitamin A and advanced anti-ageing peptides blended with Liposomal technology, a pharmaceutical grade delivery system designed for enhanced product delivery...

Eye Radiance

Our new Firming and Illuminating Complex is a cocktail of peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, Australian Botanicals & hydrators.

The perfect solution to tight, tired eyes, crows feet, dark circles, puffiness, sagging and crepe skin.

A light luminous formula for an instant glow.
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