Functional Alginates

The Functional Alginates range combine premium A-grade French Alginate with Australian natives and handpicked ingredients to support and enhance your in-clinic treatments while minimising client down time...

RetInfuse Vitamin A Cold Peel

RetInfuse Vitamin A Cold Peel is our complete dermal rejuvenating system which creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity generating a significant 30-day collagen...


A gentle lactic acid and enzyme peel rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients which gently exfoliate, hydrate and reveal a radiant, more youthful complexion....

RetInfuse Enhancer

Customise your clients RetInfuse Vitamin A Cold Peel treatment by adding these unique powder blends.  Ageless  Enhances skin nutrition while increasing CoQ10 to drive cellular repair....


Handheld and rechargeable, Skinophoresis harnesses the power of Sonophoresis and Microcurrent technology to assist with exfoliation and product penetration. Skinophoresis can be incorporated into...
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Floral Water Quick View

Floral Water

As alginate is a natural ingredient derived from algae, the smell can be overpowering for some clients. Floral Water can be added to the...

Lactic Booster

90% Lactic Acid solution to increase potency and reduce pH of the Pom-zyme Lactic Acid Cold Peel.   WARNING! Keep out of reach of...

Eye Radiance

Our new Firming and Illuminating Complex is a cocktail of peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, Australian Botanicals & hydrators.

The perfect solution to tight, tired eyes, crows feet, dark circles, puffiness, sagging and crepe skin.

A light luminous formula for an instant glow.
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