RetInfuse Enhancer

Pro Treatment

Customise your client's RetInfuse Vitamin A Cold Peel treatment by adding these unique powder blends. 


Enhances skin nutrition while increasing CoQ10 to drive cellular repair.


Helps clear stubborn bacteria and improves wound healing by encouraging scar tissue remodeling helping to reduce hyperpigmentation from blemishes.


Significantly reduces redness and irritation with a combination of Chinese herbs and soothing botanicals by boosting the skins repair activity and calming inflammation.


NOW double the size (40g) for the SAME price!

Protects the skin from environmental damage and free radicals while improving collagen production and improves the appearance of hyper pigmentation.

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• 1,3 Beta Glucan
• Niacinamide 6%
• CoenzymeQ10



• L-Mandelic Acid 6%
• Tea Tree Oil
• Willow Herb



• Aloe Vera
• Willow Herb 7%



• L-Ascorbic Acid
• Ferulic Acid
• Glycine Amino Acid

• Cysteine HCL Amino Acid

• Lysine HCL Amino Acid

Professional use

Create cocktail blends that act quickly, encouraging supercharged results by adding 0.5 to 2 scoops of Ageless, Clearing, Soothing and/or Vitamin C to the RetInfuse Vitamin A Cold Peel.

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