Handheld and rechargeable, Skinophoresis harnesses the power of Sonophoresis and Microcurrent technology to assist with exfoliation and product penetration.

Skinophoresis can be incorporated into existing technology-based treatments such as LED, Microdermabrasion and EpiBlading to prepare and nourish the skin pre and post-treatment. Not currently working with technology? No problem! Skinophoresis allows you to upgrade traditional skin services and introduce Ultrasonic Facials to your treatment menu. 

Skinophoresis can also be introduced in a home care regime to enhance the results of prescribed at-home skincare by boosting product penetration and exfoliation. 

Key features

• Cordless and rechargeable
• Water resistant
• 24,000 oscillations per second
• Microcurrent (+ion & -ion)

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Deep Cleansing Mode

• Ultra-sonophoresis lifts dead skin cells and debris creating a gentle, yet effective exfoliation

• Microcurrent (-Ion technology) supports deep cleansing, toxin removal and has an anti-bacterial effect for decongesting skin

• Prepares the skin for antioxidant-rich ingredient infusion

• Leaves the skin looking soft and smooth, with a vibrant complexion


Product Infusion Mode

• Low-frequency ultrasound vibration significantly improves active ingredient infusion and absorption into the skin

• Opens small cellular spaces between epidermal cells causing disruption of the lipid barrier, allowing active ingredients to penetrate

• Improves hydration levels, plumping and revitalisation of the skin

• Ultra-sonophoresis & +Ion technology (microcurrent) assists with the infusion of micronised active ingredients

• Improves oxygenation and circulation, promoting optimal cellular activity

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