Functional Alginates

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The Functional Alginates range combine premium A-grade French Alginate with Australian natives and handpicked ingredients to support and enhance your in-clinic treatments while minimising client down time and adverse reactions, while providing a luxurious client experience.

These alginate masks make a fantastic additions to most facial treatments including, peels, epiblading, microdermabrasion, traditional facials and more.

Each tub comes with 10 generous applications.


Ageless:  Kangaroo Paw

Ageless addresses the common signs of premature ageing by firming, lifting, restoring, renewing and deeply nourishing the skin.

Clearing:  Davidson Plum

Clearing is designed to assist with reducing the appearance of blemishes, erythema, inflammation, and heat associated with problematic prone skin.

Soothing:  Tasmanian Pepperberry

The natural cooling sensation of the Soothing mask along with the hydrating, soothing and calming benefits of allantoin and you the perfect solution for hot and irritated skin.

Vitamin C:  Quandong

The Vitamin C mask focuses on nourishing and protecting the health of the epidermis for a more radiant complexion.

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• Kangaroo Paw
• Beta Glucan


• Davidson Plum
• Diatomaceous Earth


• Tasmanian Pepper Berry
• Allantoin

Vitamin C

• Australian Quandong
• Arginine


Base Ingredients

Diatomaceous Earth, Calcium Sulfate Hydrate, Guluronic Algin, Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, Xanthan gum, Beta Glucan, Arginine, Allantoin, Magnesium Oxide, Mica.

Professional use

Combine mask powder with water to create a smooth even paste, spread onto clients cleansed face and neck. Allow to set for 5-15 minutes, gently massage the edge of the mask to loosen. Remove mask and dispose in rubbish. 


Combining with other treatments?


As alginate is a natural ingredient derived from algae, the smell can be overpowering for some clients. Our Floral Water can be added to the Functional Alginate preparation for a more indulgent treatment experience.

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